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Interactive Chocolates

Here at Owow Chocolates, we pride ourselves on being leaders in innovation, making sure we live up to our name. Your promotional gift should be a sales lead generator and with the interactiveness of Augmented Reality (AR) this is exactly what it becomes. (Please note, this is available as a stand alone service, there is no requirement to purchase chocolates - although they are obviously the best gift!)

What is AR? "Augmented reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video or graphics" - Wikipedia.

Put simply your gift becomes a gateway to your digital media. Can you imagine receiving a box of chocolates, scanning it with a mobile device and then being able to see a video, listen to audio or be directed to a website - that is AR. Taking a physical object into a virtual world. Here's how it works with our business card.

With this in mind, marketing budgets never seem to stretch too far and you need to make sure you maximise the return on your spend. Which is why it is important to get your message across with a call to action. 

You can now relay this message clearly, innovatively and with the ability to execute the call to action immediately. No longer are your branded chocolates 'just a gift', they can be augmented to promote your latest product, sell conference / exhibition tickets, offer discounts, congratulate an attainment, donate, buy or just literally say 'thank you'. 

Make your message, video, website and social media links magically appear when your customers scan your branded chocolates.

Using AR technology our chocolates can really talk to your customers and take your marketing to another level. 

Try it now!

1) Download the Blippar app from Google Play or iTunes onto your mobile
2) Scan the logo below

It is as easy as that!


     Childrens Activity Association


How Does It Work? 

Kick-OffContact us to discuss your next marketing campaign, either with or without chocolates, we can build an AR experience around your preferred physical object. Getting our heads together to ensure the experience will fulfill its potential. 

Design - Once we know your requirements we can design your AR experience.

Test - You will be able to test your experience before it goes live and request revisions

Publish - Once you are satisfied, your AR experience will be published and ready for user interaction.

Measure - there are a range of analytics behind the scenes which we will share with you once the campaign is up and running.