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Sweet Tech - Chocolate Meets Augmented Reality

The terms Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are well known within the tech industry, they are just part of the 4th Industrial Revolution which will gather pace with the advent of 5G connectivity. 

But what has this got to do with chocolate? At Owow Chocolates we have been using AR for almost 2 years, creating marketing campaigns for the likes of Air Canada and Hilton Worldwide. But we wanted to make something which has a more universal appeal and what better time than Christmas?

An AR Advent Calendar is not new, Cadbury's commissioned one last year which had a different selfie per a 'Hero' so we wanted to make sure what we produced was different (one of core beliefs). We wanted the AR experience to be launched from the chocolate and not the packaging, and being traditionalists, we also wanted there to be 24 different experiences. 


We set about making the experiences using the Metaverse Studio, taking hours to research, quotes, animated images and audio files which fitted together. Once we had these in place it was then a question of whether the experiences would trigger by scanning the codes printed onto chocolate. We road tested this at a Tech Incubator meeting and came away with a couple of modifications and now we have an interactive Advent Calendar with 24 different experiences, quite possibly a world first.